Evil Author Day 2015

Where Darkness Falls


Dark!LoTR AU, where in the end, Aragorn is not the Man you think he is (future fic in a Middle Earth where Hobbits are the Dark Lord’s secret weapon.)  Dark themes, some arguably dubious consent/seduction.


Suffer to Live

For the Dragon Age Kink Meme

AU: Where the chantry is less ‘lock up all the mages and kill them at the first sign there’s a demon’ and more ‘thou shalt not suffer a witch to live’.

No circles, but still templars, finding and killing all the mages. How does this effect hawkes life in kirkwall? Does Anders seem less crazy? Was Fenris owned by a mage, or someone else? Is Bethany alive or dead?

Could be their policy from the start, or it could be sometime (pre-chantry explosion plz) they decide it’s the only way, everywhere


Compassion and Desire

Post Dragon Age: Inquisition

The first time Cole falls asleep he finds he has lost less than anyone has thought and gained more than could have been foreseen.

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