Rough Trade Spring Training Challenge

I’m going to admit that this may be an adventure in non-completion, as RL promises to be a whiny brat for the foreseeable future, but I’ll be attempting two fics of my Super! Sekrit! Star Trek/Highlander OTP 5-evah Methos/Khan in the April Spring Training Challenge on Rough Trade.


Or, we can just say, I have a thing for pretty men with lovely voices, and honestly, it’s mostly about lovely men who look like Peter Wingfield and Benedict Cumberbatch switching off while reading a phone book.  Because, well, reasons.


The first story, Whose Walls Already Rise, will be based (loosely) on the Epic of Gilgamesh.


The second, Who Can Sail Without the Wind, will primarily be based around the consequences of being Immortal in a mortal world. Right now I’m thinking it may be somewhat Canterbury Tales-esque, with Methos and Khan telling small tales about themselves and one another, showing that they’ve been circling one another as lovers, brothers, enemies, and friends for thousands of years, because in the end, Immortals have no one but one another to buffer them against the pain of an ever-changing world.


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