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Fanfiction, Fandom and Lit Classes — What Not to Do

I normally don’t Facebook much on the weekend. Facebook seems to have an intensely personal relationship with my phone, so I always feel like I’m in an illicit affair when I scan my Facebook feed via any other method. I’m … Continue reading

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Rough Trade Spring Training Challenge

I’m going to admit that this may be an adventure in non-completion, as RL promises to be a whiny brat for the foreseeable future, but I’ll be attempting two fics of my Super! Sekrit! Star Trek/Highlander OTP 5-evah Methos/Khan in … Continue reading

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Compassion and Desire

Post-game Dragon Age Inquisition fic added to Evil Author Day.

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Evil Author Day 2015

Okay, that was Sunday, but I’ve been adding ficlets. Current Fics: Where Darkness Falls: A snippet set in a Dark!LoTR AU where Hobbits were actually the secret weapon of the Dark Lord. Aragorn is not quite the Man you … Continue reading

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Nexus Anima — Chapter 2

Life as a dressup doll can be just a bit terrifying.

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Nexus: Anima — Chapter One

Everyone loves a wedding

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So, I figure it’s time…

…to actually begin posting things here. I’m starting with my (to me, anyway) ever-so exciting NaNo 2014 project, Nexus: Anima. I do hope whomever runs across it enjoys it 🙂

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